My bucket list

  1. Quit smoking (I quit on 23-03-2013. I will consider that I am non-smoker when 100 days pass since this date)
  2. Start working out, regularly!
  3. Learn a language(Spanish or German)
  4. Make another source of income
  5. Go to Prague with my wife

This is for now. I’ll start by doing first two things from the list, so I don’t get overwhelmed. This is my bucket list ordered by importance. I will really commit myself to this goals, if I don’t succeed I’ll give into the boring life of working nine to five, getting my belly big  and drinking lots of beer. I’ll do the dishes tomorrow.

Just kidding:)


2 thoughts on “My bucket list

  1. Hi! Nice thing you started making your own bucket list.
    I have a question – do you have a time period for this points? For example, number one is quit smoking – when are you planning to do this? I’d like to join you on your journey!

    • Hello! You can see that I have goals like Quit smoking and start working out,I would like these to happen as soon as possible, but on the other side, I have goals like to learn new language, which will take some time to achieve and then there is a Going to Prague thing, which I would really like to plan to the details and make it a trip to remember. Hope this answers your question. Thank you for taking time to read my blog!

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