Who is next?

Well, to quit smoking was much easier than I thought. I must say that I am very satisfied with results, and I really feel good about myself. That is maybe the best part, to see all others who tried and failed and I’m the one that succeeded. Now you are thinking that I’m a small man with no compassion and regard for well-being of other than myself, but hey, what can I say, quit smoking and join me. I’m just kidding:) My current confidence is result of being happy that I managed not to smoke for 25 days! You don’t need to congratulate me…Well, if you insist:)

I know that 25 days is nothing to many that have tried, that they endured much more, maybe three months, maybe six, but I’ll tell you this, every beginning is hard and every small victory should be celebrated and rewarded and because of that, I’ll celebrate my first month with my wife and I’ll take her to the cinema and after that ice-cream will do:) It’s small victory and the price will also be small.

During past two weeks, colleague of mine, who is well-informed of my progress as a non-smoker was trying to make me confess that I have secret stash of cigarettes and that in moments of weakness I smoke, because, that was his thing while he was trying to quit. I must say that he could not be more wrong! As I said before, take control of your actions, don’t put yourself into defensive position. Situations like this make me even more determined in my decision to quit smoking, almost I wish I have more similar situations:)

So, the next thing I will do is to start working out regularly. That is next item on my list. My decision is to have four trainings a week. That will be 48 trainings in three months. Why three months? Well, I decided that this period of time will be my trial, so in this period of time I MUST have this number of trainings done or I will, listen closely now, shave myself and leave those Hitler-like mustache and I’ll also make my hear look like Hitler’s and then I’ll take a photo and upload it here.

Reason for this is that I want to take this challenge seriously, because I tried earlier to workout regularly and it just didn’t worked out. But, if I succeed, I’ll reward myself with the trip to the Djavolja Varos, place of remarkable nature that I always wanted to see, on the south of my country, which I didn’t mentioned earlier, is Serbia.

Here is the picture of Djavolja Varos, which translated literally means Devil’s TownDjavolja Varos

and here is the link if you want to find out more about this beautiful sight.

I’ll take this promise seriously and if you think that I’m going to fail with this one, come back in three months and laugh at funny picture of a guy looking like Hitler and I’ll try that this does not happen. I’ll also track my progress here and make it public, so you see that I don’t cheat.

Tomorrow is training number one!


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