Challenge accepted!

Best way to test your character is to sit with your friends in some pub where everybody, including you is drinking beer, but everybody but you is smoking!
Real test! Most of the time spent there I was feeling strong desire to smoke, but every time that I felt it was critical, I mentioned that to my friends and they were very supportive.

Every time I thought I could light one, I started talking about smoking with my friends. Almost everybody that smokes has at least once tried to quit smoking, so everyone has some story about it. Interesting is that everyone that I told that I quit smoking, told me about time period that I need to endure so I’m sure I won’t start again.

These periods are from two weeks to one year, and then I was wondering, if it’s only two weeks, why is so hard? I think that, more than the time period, is important power of will and your decision to quit smoking. Since I quit smoking I was able to be in the same room with the people that are smoking without me lighting a cigarette, there is desire, but there is also will!

One thing that I figure out that is really helpful is every time that I feel desire to smoke, I say ‘to hell with it, give me one cigar!’, then I wait for a moment, to see reactions on my friends faces, how they become serious, and I say ‘I’m kidding!’, even though it’s not funny. In that moment everyone is relived. That’s because, once you passed the first sarcastic remarks about you quitting once more, and people start to believe that you really are, they are becoming very supportive of your goal.

That is actually great! You don’t need to go through that struggle alone! You have friends, family, call them, make them go through your big battle with you, you will have a support, and they will feel more important that you can rely on them. It’s a win-win situation!

I have realized that this quest of mine to quit smoking has been great mental exercise and once that I’m sure that I won’t smoke anymore, I can actually apply same principal to achieve everything I want (ok, not everything…), but I think you shouldn’t try multiple goals at once if you are just starting, because you don’t want to burden yourself with too big of a challenge.

Test yourself, it’s a wonderful game!


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