It’s not easy, I can tell you that

It’s been five days since I lit my last cigar, and I miss it. But not all the time! I miss it in time of my lunch break, after work, while I drink my beer… Today, after my eight hours of hard work, just fifteen minutes before end of work hours, I got strong feeling that I need a cigarette.

Such a strong feeling, that I started drooling, but then I thought of how good it felt these five days not smoking, breathing clearly, not getting that whistling in my lungs, not getting that taste in my mouth like I swallowed an ash tray.

So, last five days I resisted my urge to light a cigarette, and it wasn’t actually that hard. Maybe because of my strong decision to quit and that I shared that decision with people close to me, I am now more confident than ever that it is over with my smoking days.

Yeah, you’ll see… is probably what some experienced smoker is thinking now. You’ll see after couple of days when your enthusiasm subsides and you start thinking about inhaling that smoke, that tasty flavor that will bring tranquility like nothing else in the world.

I feel like I see both sides of the medal now. Like that moment of revelation when you just know what to do next. I know that I have difficult period in front of me, but somehow I don’t feel intimidated by that.

I think most people that try to quit smoking put themselves into defensive position, trying just not to light up their next cigar. I think that is why lots of people fail in their intention, and I’m not talking about smoking only. I am talking here about every hard situation that people find themselves into.

You can stop smoking by not lighting next cigarette, you can also win the game by scoring penalty kick as gift from the referee in the last seconds of the game. Yes, you can do this. But you can also win by 5:0 leaving no doubt what outcome will game have, you can also quit smoking with style, with confidence, with the sense of pride!

I am talking this because I’ve been there before, trying to quit, telling my wife I’m done, but then I started smoking again. I felt so small in her eyes, like I let her down. You know what I lost that day? Part of her respect! And trust me, you want your partner to respect you, it’s a basis for a good relationship.

Regain the trust, earn the respect!


3 thoughts on “It’s not easy, I can tell you that

  1. Love your enthusiasm and will to stop. Tonight I lit up one cigarette, and after reading your post I feel awful. I Think your post should be an example to everyone. Like your energy! Just keep doing like that!

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