God damn it! Do something!

I recently start following Blog of impossible things and I must say that I always get excited when I find new blog of someone successful, describing their success and sharing their wisdom. Those blogs usually describe most important steps in process of achieving something bigger, getting life you always  wanted, getting free, quitting your job, move to exotic island and so on. Get the money!!!

You probably guess that I’m one of those people that follows that kind of sites looking for self improvement and way to make more money, build those six pack and quit smoking but never actually do something about it. You are right! It is always easier to find new niche  blog than to move your ass. One thing I really like about those sites is that when I find it I get moral boost for a few days, I suddenly get new ideas, I move fast, I talk fast, all I want to talk is my great ideas, how easy is to actually change, that only one tiny step is all you need to get you on that great adventure called “Life to remember!”. So, I’m preaching someone else’s story and believing  it for a few days and then everything goes away. I guess I suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome.

It says that people who suffer from this syndrome are always starting something new and never finish the thing they started. And it says that most of people is suffering from this syndrome. I realized this some time ago and since then I was trying to change something, but all that I’ve done till now is sharing dozen of my ideas with couple of friends. Oh yes, I have plenty of ideas, some of them are actually pretty  good, at least people that I talked to think they are. Now you are wondering what the hell is keeping me from doing something?

I guess the thing that keeps most of people from doing anything, above mentioned syndrome. Reason why am I writing this is to start that adventures life of which those wise people from the Internet are talking about. They also say that you need to keep it simple, one thing at the time. This is my first step! I’ll do what they do. I’ll make a list of things that I want to change and achieve and I’ll write about that. We’ll see where will that lead me. One important thing is that I would really appreciate  if you would come with me on this journey of becoming someone better! It is always easier when someone is around you when things get difficult.

First step made!


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